How To Configure SpamAssassin In DirectAdmin

DirectAdmin allows you to move spam emails directly into a separate folder by passing all your emails through a set of filtering rules first before going into your inbox. You will first need to configure SpamAssassin.


1. Where do you want the spam to go?

Inbox (dont’ block it) – Direct all your spam mail to inbox.

Redirect it to the catch-all spam folder in your main IMAP account. – Choose this option if you have already created a folder specifically for spam mail and want your spam mail to go into this folder.

Send the spam to the appropriate user’s spam folder. – If you have created a folder specifically for one user, you may direct all spam mails into that folder by selecting this option.

Delete the spam. – Delete the spam mails right away. We do not recommend this option as there is a small possibility of false positive.


2. What score threshold do you wish to use?

The default setting is set to “Low Threshold (5.0) and it is also the recommended setting. You may choose a different score threshold if you want to.


3. Would you like to delete high scoring spam?

You can delete the spam mail right away if it matches the score threshold that you have selected earlier. The second option is recommended to avoid false positive spam email.

4. Do you wish to rewrite the subject of a spam email?

If you choose this option, the email header will be rewritten with your choice of key phrase.


5. How should the spam be delivered? 

Attachments will separate the spam into it’s own message, preventing scripts from being run. – If there is an executable file in the spam mail, it will not run if you have selected this option.

Text-only attachments are used for increased safety. Spam mails with images will not be shown.


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